A Bit About Me


My goal is for you to be empowered and relaxed

Hello There! First off, Thanks for stopping by. I fell in love working behind the camera over 10 years ago. I've worked in almost every form of photography, in that time I have found the core reason I keep picking up my camera again is the people.

Relaxed but I know what needs to get done.

I love to work with clients from all abilities.

Got a crazy idea? I'm down to try!

The Love Story

I met my wife while in high school, so we have been together for quite a while! After collage we were married in Asheville NC.

Ellington is one of the hardworking people I've ever known. She is a teacher and reading tutor who specializes in working with Dyslexia, ADHD, and almost any learning difference that comes her way.


John David + Ellington


Picked up My first camera

The first time I picked up a camera was in highschool and was instantly hooked. 



Collage Newspaper photographer

in collage I was always carrying finding things to photograph. I was hired as the schools newspaper photo editor and lead photographer.



East West

in my final year at collage, I held an internship at a advertising agency. I managed to go from an inter to managing all aspects of client projects. From consultation to billing, I have worked with TVA, Northwestern Mutual, Nasa Space Camp, and multiple school systems. 



New home in florida

In 2022 My wife and I moved down to Central Florida.